Saturday, December 27, 2008

SP:WAW Depot, Member Forums

     It took me a very long time to prepare myself for this review. Maybe it's a Xmas magic that let me cover thoughts about this site in a humble review. Where to start? History, I presume. Few Steel Panthers game enthusiasts felt uneasy sharing their thoughts about the game at Matrix Games Forums, and one brave warrior, Bernie, started this project as a independent platform for sharing opinions. It was over 5 years ago and since then, Forums became most visited and renowned site for Steel Panthers and finally it was rewarded by Matrix Games,a status of official game site. 
Even though, game might look outdated for some, it's community is one of the liveliest I've ever seen, and The Depot is definietely the den of good, bad and evil dawgs. It offers very warm welcome to newbies along with advice on any topic SPWAW related, and very often, much more. Anyone is allowed to join Depot Academy for free. That's a learning facility with several levels of proficiency to improve your gameplay. Instructors are always there to answer questions and provide you with their broad tactical knowledge. The Depot is also a place for exchanging thoughts on how to improve the game itself. Specialist of many different sorts are working there to make SPWAW even better. Members are welcomed to participate in this process, creating new maps, scenarios, campaigns and also correcting units database (OOB). Many of Depot's members also take part in SPWAW ENHanced project, new mode with many important updates. More info at ENH Forums.
Another great advantage of this community is ability of joining League Divisions that allows you to play friendly Play By E-Mail (PBEM) campaigns with other members. 
Last but not least to mention, is an atmosphere of friendship, where no question is too stupid, and no topic is concidered taboo. It went to such an extent, that members are exchanging holiday postcards and gifts.
No matter if you are yet unfamiliar with SPWAW or already an experienced commander, The Depot is a place for you to be.

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