Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dutchie's SP:WaW Fort - Henk "Dutchiexx" Neumann's Steel Panters: World at War Blog

This short review I've prepared for three reasons: first - I admire author's scenario design skills, second - he is a member of SPWAW Depot Forum and he is well known there for being extremely friendly and helpful. Third reason - exchange of favours, he placed Repository's banner in his blog, thank you Henk.

Now to the merit. This blog is a an offspring of previous SPWAW Fort site that I didn't have luck to see before it was shut down. But now Fort has a form of blog and I hope it will be kept updated (not really worried since Dutchiexx is a very active designer). 

Few words of explanation here: SP:WaW - Steel Panthers World at War is a turn based, tactic level, military WW II game. World at War version was designed by Matrix Games on the base of previous SP versions. It has a big and productive community involved in improving the game and creating new scenarios and campaigns. IMO best place to start is SPWAW Depot.

But coming back to the SP:WaW Fort, its main contents are SPWAW scenarios including newest - "Wiking At Mius". There are links placed to offsites for quick download of scenarios. I might be wrong, must consult it with Henk, but I think he created much more great scenarios than those placed in a Fort. I hope those would find a place there as well. Except for scenario files with descriptions there is a place for author's favourite war books and movies, also some with review. 

So If you are looking for exciting, new scenarios for SPWAW, you need to search no more, you'll find them in Fort's downloads section. Keep observing the blog because every so often there's a new goodie posted.

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Henk Neumann said...

Thank you very much for your review, Max! And yes, you were right, there are quite a few more scenarios to be placed in the blog. It's an ongoing project, so please bear with me.