Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Soviet Women Pilots in The Great Patriotic War

Ok, first review. 
This one was picked for a few reasons: the topic is not well-known and researched, site is borderline obsolete with last update in 2005, so might dissapear, and last but not least – it’s small, so perfect for a first review :). But besides that, all the features are working, including gallery, links and guestbook. There is an email check performed now, so expect updates. 
Not only the topic is interesting, but also the way it is presented, in respectfull manner for women fighting for their country. Visitor is provided with short pilot’s history with statistics and photos (divided by pilot’s names), relevant airplane characteristics and links (more positions for Repository!). Site has reference material (books and links), graphic design is oldschool but clear and purposeful. It is also part of the Aero Ring:
I hope site will be kept online and being updated, it is well worth visiting.

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