Sunday, October 26, 2008

Digger History - Unofficial history of the Australian & New Zealand Armed Services

Another great website might become abandoned!

Just found today - huge repository of ANZAC forces history (and many more), last updated – october ’06. Website is run by DiggerHistory.Info Inc, registered as an association in the State of Queensland, Australia.
Despite of ugly and awkward MS Frontpage interface, vast information held in this vault of knowledge is unbelievable. During preparations for this short review I was discovering new data in places I thought I already checked, so take your time while browsing this website to not loose any of precious information stored. 
Hence the way the site was built, I don’t know where to start, so I’ll just list some goodies and leave “digging” for you. Believe me it’s worth it. That’s the best ANZAC site I’ve seen so far, and just became one of my favourites altogether.

· E-books – that’s something most of other places lacks. These little volumes are pure pearls of military literature (I love their covers)

· Up to seven subpages depth! They cover topics from general to very detailed

· What I call military “flavours” like poetry, music, or story of nurses

or commonwealth participants in Waffen SS Freikorps (about 50 of them)

and even comparison of different types of hats used by ANZAC troopers!

· Extra stuff about older (I WW)and newer conflicts (like war in Korea)
· Many things that I didn’t found yet but are waiting there to be revealed.

     I’ll try to contact webmaster and see if any more updates are planned. I think it would be great if any of you could offer some easy way to properly display this, I can say library of ANZAC. It just deserves some new look. Go webdesigners!

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